Zla Kolata | Montenegro

Montenegro – what a beautiful country! Me and my friend Ry arrived in the small village Vusanje and parked at some old ladys house (she wanted 2 euros for it for cigarettes) and started the hike to the top of Zla Kolata. It was 27 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We were a little bit late in the start, it was just after lunh but sinde it was just a hiking peak we thought it would be a nice sunset hike.

We started with getting lost from the trail because we walked and talked too much so we had to via gps cross a forest around a small mountain to get back on track.

Then a big Polish cave expedition had their support coming with stuff for their basecamp. They were there for three weeks to explore deep caves in the mountains, so cool!

After 5 hours of hiking we were about one hour from the summit and the clear blue sky had turned into this! A thunderstorm was coming. We were hit with hailstorm and strong winds first. It hurt! Then massive rain. Me and Ry ran to a cave to get some shelter. We were totally soaked and lightning started so there was no other option then to go back down again. There was no way of getting to the summit safe in these conditions.

We went back to the van and spent 7 hours not getting to the summit the first day. Next day we tried again. This time we started hiking 8 in the morning and took with us extra clothes in case the same situation would happen again today.

It is a nice and beautiful hike the first hours.

My friend Ry in the mountains.

Amazing views!

The hikes goes on a trail and then over rocks before you get to the steep part. It is never hard, just long. In the end I took a little bit more difficult scramble/climb up to the top just for fun to avoid the big snow field in the end (but you can go around it too).

On the summit of the highest mountain in Montenegro!

After some pictures on the top we hiked back down again. A 9 hour long day in total. We were happy to get back down before bad weather in the afternoon hit us again.