Rudoka e Madhe & Đeravica | Kosovo

When we got to Bogovinje we had done research about different ways up to the top. Our plan was to drive the van up to Novo Selo but it was just too big and heavy so we got about 200 altitude meters and then we had to stop at a small little square and turn around. I jumped out of the car to see if I could get any help from the locals and in just a few seconds ten men were around the car. No one spoke any english but one man spoke Italian and my friend Ry is from Costa Rica and speak spanish and could make himself understood in italian so somehow we could tell them we wanted to climb Rudoka e Madhe and needed help to get to the trail start since our car could not drive there. They called a man with a jeep that gave us ride and another man from the group joined us for the climb.

We hiked over another mountain and found this view over the black lake.

The higher we got the worse the weather got. It started raining and it was very windy.

On a small break up the mountain, trying to protect ourselves from the wind. The local guy was a hunter and climbed in loafers…

We could almost not see anything when we got up on the summit ridge. We just walked and walked until we got to the summit stone! We did not stay for long because the weather was crazy. So after taking the summit photos we hiked down again!

Me and the local guys that helped us when we needed some help for this climb. After the climb they took us to a local farmer and gave us a big piece of the best feta cheese I have ever tasted!

Since Rudoka e Madhe is a recently discovered mountain in Kosovo it´s not officially the highest one, Đeravica is (even if it´s not as high) so I decided to go climb that one too, just in case!

My friend Ry had left me so I had to do this one on my own. And I ran into the same problem here as on Rudoka: My car could not drive up to the trailhead. I stopped by a gas station and asked a local for help. He was very nice and drove me up to the trailstart and went with me to the top.

Only he did not know the trail so we took another way up the mountain. Scrambling on steep grass and rock. Well it was more exciting at least hehe.

Up there is the summit! Here we were up the steep grass part and that felt nice. Now we just had to follow the ridge to the summit.

Almost there! Last part was rocks.

Mountains are so beautiful.

The summit stone!

And the summit selfie!

Then we hiked down on the trail and went to the hotel at the trail start where the local guy invited me for dinner. A very nice experience. Overall I have not had much contact with local people in this project but found the people here on Balkan so nice and helpful with big hearts. I´m very thankful for their help with driving, keeping company and treating me to local food. It was an amazing experience!