Korab | Albania & Macedonia

Mt Korab is the highest mountain in both Albania and Macedonia. Me and my friend Ry climbed it from Macedonia.

The trail up to the top is a nice sunday walk pretty much. No problems anywhere and nothing hard or difficult at all.

It was a beautiful day on the way up to the summit!

We had to cross some snow fields.

Nice day and nice views!

Mountains around looked cool.

Final push for the summit.

There it is!

I loved the summit stone. So nice with the heart. Me and Ry spend 30 minutes just making weird jumps from it. I was always scared to fall and hurt my feet. After this mountain I had only 4 left in the project so I didn´t want to get hurt…

Mt Korab 2764 m.

Summit selfie!

Then when we hiked down it started to rain and we got soaked. We also ran into some sheepdogs but the sheapard was around so it was no problem. I met sheepdogs almost on every mountain in eastern Europe. Back at the car we drove down on the bad bad gavel road and went to climb the highest mountain in Kosovo!