Halti | Finland

It was a crazy long drive from Kosovo to Finlands highest mountain Halti. It took me 4 days just driving all day all night.

For this climb my assistant William joined me. We drove to the parking lot in Norway (where Finlands highest mountain is located) and started hiking. Since it was pretty easy we hiked fast and got really tired. Pushed it. We also were trying to out run the mosquitos…

Up as fast as possible! After a few days in the car it was nice to move again.

Finlands highest mountain have no trail, you walk on rocks so you need to be sure what direction to go in. Here I´m checking the gps to get to the right peak.

Northen Finland. Empty with a lot of rocks and some raindeer.

Weather was getting worse every minute so it was good to have some speed.

And after walking up on a flat hill, there it was – the summit of Halti! We signed in the book and I had a finish flag for the summit photo.

On the way back we passed a false summit (located in Norway as a joke?) Norway gave Halti to Finland once. Very confusing. But highest point in Finland – check! And it was a special feeling because now there was only one mountain left for this project…