Zugspitze | Germany

I was suppose to climb Grossglockner but weather did not let me so I changed my plans to go do Zugspitze instead. It was a gamble with the weather because it was suppose to be thunderstorms for days. But I started to run out of options since I only had a few weeks left of this project and three more mountains in the Alps. So found a small weather window and started 5 in the morning from the parking lot. My goal was to be up on the top via Höllental route at lunch because later it would be really bad weather.

I loved this part of the climb. The hike through the gorge. When I walked here I was thinking about my bonus daughter (my ex daughter i don´t live with her anymore) and how I would liked to show her this. She would think it was so exciting.

Waterfalls, rivers and caves. So beautiful!

It was me and my friend Flo who I climbed the highest mountain on skis with in Iceland. We hiked really fast to try to make it in time.

The view over the valley from where the via ferrata begins. I was surprised the via ferrata was so long. It was almost half of the climb!

Then I turned around again and had this view! Shit! Weather got bad really fast. But it still looked ok in the other direction were we were going.

At the glacier we put on crampons and walked over to the steep wall and continued up. At this point we had catched up with almost everyone on the mountain for today and passed them. So speed was really good.

Crossing the glacier. Then the route continue up to the right. First you have to climb a steep wall. But there is some fixed steel cables to use for that so it´s not a big problem. After that the via ferrata continued for hours up to the top and somewhere halfway up my energy was out. I had forgotten to eat so I was low on fuel and the tough pace the first 1400 altitude meters had taken out it´s toll on me so I felt sooooo slow the last part. But then I passed the last people climbing on the mountain so even if Flo was flying up to the top (and waited for me for at least 20 minutes) I still climbed fast just not as fast as him. Actually I was on the top 6 hours after the start. It was 2200 altitude meters to climb, half of it via ferrata so it´s not too bad. Guidebook says 12 hours for this climb.

And while Flo was waiting for me at the top a hailstorm came. Just 5 minutes before I got to the top.

Summit selfie!

And about five minutes after we got into the restaurant at the top for a warm meal and to dry the thunderstorm came and they closed down the terass and did not let people go out at all… We really made it just in time! I felt sorry for all the other people still out there on the mountain in this weather :/

After the climb I had to go back to The Vatikan. I was there before but then it was closed so I could not get to the highest point then. So had to go back and get there!