Sněžka | Czech Republic

I got to Czech Republic to climb Snezka but the village where the trail started had some kind of event and there was no parking anywhere. I was thinking maybe I can just park on the grass or something but they put locks on the tires of all the cars that parked outside regular parking spaces so I didn´t dare. So I decided to go to Poland instead and climb it from the other side!

A nice warm day in the end of may! And I´m on my way to the top!

Last part was just a path and just over this hill most people started their climb (I started from the bottom)

Views were beautiful!

There was a lot of people on the top! The event was to climb Snezka I learned. It was for charity. So many people climbed it this day.

The summit selfie!

The views on the way down. This was just a quick 2 h up 1 h down hike before my next goal: Tatra mountains!

So after the climb I drove to Krakow to meet up with Sandy Allan and Kacper Tekieli that was joining me on the next two climbs.