Rysy | Poland

After climbing the highest mountain in Slovakia it was time for Rysy, the highest mountain in Poland! We woke up in a mountain hut next to this beautiful lake. This is also where we started our hike to the top. I wanted to do a more technical route up there but there is none so I had some nice company on the climb by Sandy Allan and Kacper Tekieli.

After hiking for an hour or two you get to this snowfield and this is where you can´t go any further if you have high heels on…

View were amazing over the Tatra mountains!

Summit of the highest mountain in Poland! The last part up here was a little bit of scramble but nothing too difficult.

Then we climbed over to the other peak of Rysy (in Slovakia) and took this photo of Kacper, still on top of Poland!

On the way up there was some thunder so we wanted to get down as soon as possible.

Kacper working his way down the snowfields.

And pretty soon visibility disappeard.

And dark clouds took over. It was a mix between hailstorm/thunderstorm/hard rain that made us soaking wet and lightnings. So half of the way down we did in this crazy weather. It was nice to be back in the mountain hut for a nice warm meal and to dry our clothes after this.