Gerlachovský štít | Slovakia

After climbing the highest mountain in Czech Republic I drove to Krakow to meet up with Sandy Allen and Kacper Tekieli who were joining me the next few days. Sandy and me have climbed a lot together (this was the 4th time) and it was very nice to meet Kacper who is an amazing polish climber. I had asked to make a good plan for climbing the highest mountains in Slovakia and Poland and if possible do more technical routes up the mountain. We started off by a days rock climbing outside Krakow. On the most slippery limestone I have ever experienced. And after that waited the next challenge: To climb Gerlachovský štít, the highest mountain in Slovakia via Martin´s ridge.

We slept in a mountain hut and the next day we hiked up to the col where the ridge started. It´s a part of the main ridge in the Tatra mountains. I want to go back one day and climb the whole ridge. It will take a week or so and I need more experience before doing it but seems like a cool project. Not many people have done this climb Kacper told me.

From where I stand and all the way up to behind the last mountain to the left was were we were going. A full day of ridge scrambling grade II-IV. I could not have been more excited!

Kacper and Sandy. Both climbers I really look up to. A few weeks after we climbed they went to Broad Peak in Pakistan for climbing.

The ridge. A long way left! We were so lucky with the weather. The day before was thunderstorms and the day after heavy rain and hailstorm.

I overdid it with my boots so my feet were so warm. But Sandy said he was very impressed by me climbing the whole climb with big boots on. I need to get something that is lighter for mountains that don´t have so much snow.

Views were amazing! I really loved the Tatra mountains. So wild and great rock! I want to come back here soon. Also I think it´s the same time for me from Stockholm to these mountains as it is to go to the Swedish ones.

Kacper took a little detour for a better view.

The final part of the climb. This was also the easiest part.

On the summit! I think we did like 12 summits on the way also.

How amazing?

Me pointing at the goal for tomorrow: Rysy, highest mountain in Poland!

I really loved this climb and experience. Was a great day, one of the best climbs in this project!

Then we descended via the normal route down. First some steep gully then a rappel and after that hike back to the hut.

So much fun climbing with these guys and as I said, amazing day and amazing climb!