Transnistria high point | Transnistria

Transnistria is a self-proclaimed Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic so it´s a extra high point on my list for this project. It´s not included in the 49 peaks but I thought I might as well do this one too!

So me and my alpine climbing friend Tim Bogdanov flew to Lviv in Ukraine and rented a car and did a long drive on bad roads to the border between Ukraine and Moldova where Transnistria is located. We parked where the sign said we could not go any longer because of the border.

But we were on a mission and decided to go in to Moldava anyway. There were no border control but since we are members of EU we can cross the border without visa. So we had our passports with us in case we were stopped.

And at the border there was this fence and a sign that said it was forbidden to pass.

We followed the fence into the forest and after a while it didn´t go any longer so then we could just sneak in to Moldava / Transnistria. I know this was a risk. But we took it.

On the other side it was not far to the highest point.

Summit selfies!

The view.

Then we walked back to Ukraine again and started driving towards Hoverla. This whole peak took us 20 hours of driving in one day. It was a very long day…