Hoverla | Ukraine

After a 20 hours drive we got to Hoverla, the highest mountain in Ukraine around lunch april 15. The last part of the road were pretty bad and with still ice and snow on the road it did not help. We put on our mountain boots, brought our poles and started hiking through the forest. It was me and my alpine climbing friend Tim Bogdanov. He joined me for this weekend at that was really nice. Both with some company but also he speaks russian and I don´t.

It was 16 degrees outside, really nice. The hike in the forest was great. Here I am crossing a small river.

We caught up with some athletes from the junior team of some sport in Ukraine who were also going for the summit.

To get to the summit you first need to go over this mountain.

There were still a lot of snow on the mountain. We even met some people skiing.

View from the first summit.

It got a little bit steeper in the end.

Walking to the summit of Hoverla 2061 meter.

Summit view!

And summit picture!

It was really nice to stand on top of the highest mountain in Ukraine. The guide book said 6 hours roundtrip but we were at the top after 1 hour and 52 minutes. Down again within 3 hours.

It was easy to walk down in the soft snow. Here you can see the real summit behind me.

Back to where we started! After this we drove back to Lviv to make it back to Sweden after a weekend in Ukraine!