Bălănești Hill | Moldova

It was still winter when I drove to Bălănești Hill in my rental car and conditions on the roads were very bad in Moldova.

I had looked at Goole Maps and thought I could drive closer but it was impossible unless you had a tractor so I had to park around here.

Then I started walking on slippery ice and wet snow and my feet got really cold and wet. It was very muddy under the snow. At one point I could almost not walk because I just slipped so I had to be very focused every step to put my feet in the right place to avoid falling.

After more then 2 hours of walking in the snow I finally got to the top of the hill.

Not much to see here but it´s the highest point of Moldava.

Summit selfie!

I did not stay for long since sun was going down.

Beautiful sunset from up here!