Galdhøpiggen | Norway

Coming back to Galdhøpiggen was really special in many ways. It was the first mountain I ever climbed back in 2013. But that was before my passion for mountains took off like it has now. I don´t even know how I got the idea to climb this mountain but I was the worst thing I had ever done. I was not too fit back then and it took forever and I remember going down my knees hurt so bad that I just had to sit on a rock and cry for 45 minutes. It took me years to climb a new mountain again after that. And a new life.

But since I already been up here in the summer I decided to do a winter ascent and try it on skis! The only thing is that I did not know how to ski 3 months ago. So I have been learning this winter and now it was finally time to try it for real.

I travelled to Oslo where I met up Märta who I did not know before but she saw on my Instagram I was going to Norway and asked if she could join so we drove up to Spiterstulen and checked in. Tried the local beer at dinner and got to know some locals.

The next day there was the classic guided tour around Galdhøpiggen – as every easter. I signed up for it and joined the group. The guide said it would “be a possibility” to go to the summit so I really hoped for it (my plan b was to just leave the group otherwise and go by myself for the summit). We started skiing at 9 am and it was really cold in the shadow -15 but no wind.

The first 800 altitude meters were steep and a lot of ice. I fell twice because my skins lost the grip on the ice. That was scary. I´m not too experienced with ski touring yet so it was exciting and also a struggle. But I could keep up with the group (and you guys should know that Norwegians are born on skis. They do this all the time so they are super fast and experienced. It´s so cool!)

There was two Swedish guys in the group too!

I was not the only one having trouble on the ice so the guides said we needed to keep at least 10 meters between us to not fall on each other.

Then after about on hour or maybe one and a half we had a snack break in the sun. I took off my down shorts (way to warm) and my fleece. What I really enjoyed with this tour with a large group of people (maybe around 30) was that there was always someone to talk to and these two Norwegian girls were so nice! I have done almost every mountain by myself so it was really nice with some company.

Then we skied over this glacier and the guides started going even faster to make sure we got to the top. It was so nice weather, you could almost not wish for a better day.

It was not steep at all so that was nice after the first two hours of steep terrain.

Lunch break after 4 hours of skiing. And from here you can see the summit!

Galdhøpiggen is 2469 meters. We started skiing from Spiterstulen at 1100 m.

After skiing as far as we could we put down the skis and hiked the last part.

And then: On top of the highest mountain in Norway!

The view is amazing up here!

Summit photos. We stayed up here for a while and just enjoyed ourselves. Had some snacks.

Then we packed up and went back down to our skis. And here you would think we would ski down but no. This is Norway. So we skied all around the mountain and down on the other side. Another 4 hours of skiing…

At one point it was not really possible to ski so we had to put our skis on the backpack and walk down. It was pretty steep here.

And then we skied over another glacier.

I had my favourite bars with me for energy.

And after skiing over another glacier and walking up on a ridge and down a part of this slope (where the snow was really bad) we could finally start skiing down. 9 hours uphill skiing and then 30 minutes down haha. But we got some great powder and some amazing turns and then it was a long long way down on just a transportation slope where wind had blown the snow away. And when we finally got back to Spiterstulen it was 6:30 pm and my legs were so tired. I was really happy and proud over this ski tour up to the top of Norways highest mountain. That I did it on skis. Really cool consider I´m new to skiing. This will probably not be the last mountain I ski.

Mountain no 34