Snaefell | Isle of Man

I was expecting snow on top of Snaefell 621 m so I had brought my crampons and ice ax but when I got there it was just some ice and no snow at all. I actually took a taxi over to the mountain from the airport and had it wait for me while I climbed the mountain because there were no rental cars in Isle of Man this day.

Almost at the top. A quick walk from the parking lot. Maybe 200 altitude meters ion a trail and you are pretty much there.

I was keeping an eye out for the weather because this winter have been hard with the weather on many mountains I had booked to climb (like Tenerife and Pico have been impossible due to bad weather). And even if you can´t see it there was some crazy wind on Isle of Man today. The pilot of the plane said 75 km/h winds at the airport. This is higher up so that means even more wind here. This is actually the most windy summit so far of this project!

When I got up on the top it was almost impossible to walk straight. I had to walk sideways to not blow away.

The summit selfie!

This is one of the extra mountains on my list.