Rock of Gibraltar | Gibraltar

I went to Malaga where I rented a car to go to Gibraltar and climb Rock of Gibraltar 426 m. The drive over was really nice along the ocean with mountains on the other side.

This is how it looks just before leaving Spain. As you can see weather turned a little bad over Gibraltar.

I parked my car at a parking lot and started walking uphill from there. There was a gate just a little but higher up that you were not aloud to pass with car.

I mostly walked on paved road uphill.

The misty view over the ocean and the warning sign for apes. I never saw one but i could hear them. I would have loved to see one!

The last part was a small trail up to the highest point.

It´s up there! But it was closed when I got there so I had to climb over the fence to get to the top.

On the top!

Rainy summit selfie!

Gibraltar is one of the extra mountains on my list.