Carrauntoohil | Ireland

It was a beautiful day when I started out climbing Carrauntoohil 1038 m. I met a guy on the way that said it had to be the best day this fall and I was very lucky.

It was really nice, hiking in the sun with this view all around me! In the beginning you just follow a path. Nothing complicated at all.

And to the right you see the mountain! To get there you so a little bit of scrambling just up in the middle of the picture. And then it´s a pretty steep hill the rest of the way.

Hello! I don´t really like to take selfies but if you are all alone on a mountain, what to do? I climb all the mountains in this project by myself unless it´s too dangerous (like glacier where you have to rope up). And since I was out pretty late in the season I was almost always alone on the mountain. This day I met one other guy. It was warm enough to hike in this top from Patagonia. But I always have extra clothes with me in my backpack. For a mountain like this: Thin down jacket and gore tex jacket. In case it´s windy or cold. I also have a hat and gloves with me. I get all my gear in Sweden at Naturkompaniet.

This is what the scrambling part looks like! It doesn´t look too bad and it´s not. The only thing is that there is some water running down so the rocks can be a little bit slippery. So you just have to be careful.

The view is so nice!

As I got higher up, clouds starting to come in. It was the afternoon so it´s common. And I met a lot of sheep up there!

At the summit! And now the whole sky is full of clouds. The view is gone. But it´s alright. I will have time to get down before dark.

The summit selfie and a quick snack before returning down again.

Carrauntoohil was a pleasant experience. A perfect sunday walk for someone who wants a not too big challenge but still something more exciting then just a hike on plain ground.

Mountain no 23