Vatican Hill | Vatican

Vatican City is only 76 meters over the sea level. But what I didn´t think about when I arrived late at night was that the garden was closed. And I had to leave for Milan the next morning so I have to come back here again because the plaza is not the highest point in Vatican City… Bummer! I should have done more research before. That has actually been one of my biggest challenges in this. Since it was a spontaneous project where I only did 2 hours of research before I decided to do this project. But I rather just go ahead and try and learn while doing it then spend too much time doing nothing at all.

Back to do it right! I went to Rome and picked up my sister Malin who joined me to check off The Vatican from the list in this project.

For this I had to sign up on a tour months ahead (tickets sell out). It´s the only way to get access to the gardens of Vatican where the highest point is.

Me in the gardens of Vatican. It was really cool to see this place!

The gardens were beautiful!

This is actually the highest point. This house lays on the highest hill in the gardens!

It was a very nice and warm day in july and I´m happy I had to go back to see this. Very nice!