Monte Titano | San Marino

I drove from somewhere close to the border of Italy / Slovenia where I spent the night after climbing Triglav to San Marino. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather. The road to San Mario went up a hill to a cosy village where the biggest challenge was to find a parking spot… But a nice Italian man saw me looking for one and gave me his. Thank you!

After parking outside the walls I went inside. It´s almost like a labyrinth but if you look close you can see signs pointing you in the right direction. 2a Torre is the highest point so that´s where you want to go.

That´s the one! It takes 10 minutes to navigate up there. And the views are really nice! The whole place looks like in a fairy tale.

I went up in the highest tower and took a selfie just under the flag. You had to pay an entrance fee and they didn´t take credit card and I didn´t have cash. But the person working there was kind and let me in anyway when I told him I just wanted to go up the tower and take one picture and then leave.

Mountain no 20