Møllehøj | Denmark

You would think that Denmarks highest point 170 m Møllehøj would be a walk in the park. Well I managed to make it an adventure. I got there when it was dark and stormy. Parked the car at some farm and felt bad about it. Looked at my GPS that said the point would be behind the barn. I started walking there. With my cellphone as the only light source. It was dark, rainy and windy. And the ground was covered in a lot of mud.

I managed to scare some cows. Both in the paddock and in the barn. I really struggled with the mud since I only had sneakers on. It was very slippery. And I had to jump over a electric fence.

And then I finally got there! Highest point in Denmark. Only to find out there was a paved path from the other direction…

So I walked back to the car in the rain and drove back to Copenhagen to go to Ireland instead!

Mountain no 21