What gear do I use for my mountains?

I got many questions from people who want to know more about what kind of gear I use when I climb/hike the mountains. So here is a little bit more information about that!

Depending on how much time I will spend on a mountain the things I bring is different. Also the conditions. Do I need mountianeering gear or just for hiking?

I get all my gear at Naturkompaniet, in my opinion the best outdoor store in Sweden. I´m also very thankful that they sponsor me with some stuff for this project.

Let´s start off with one of the most important things:


I use Osprey and I have a few different sizes and models. In the beginning I always had a too big backpack with me but over time I´ve been better on not bringing as much stuff. I usually use my Tempest 30L and that works fine for both dayhikes and if you spend a few days in a mountain hut (I had it for Mont Blanc)

It has room for two bottles on the sides, walking poles and ice ax. It fit´s good and is not heavy or clumsy in any way. Light but still you have room for everything you need (even crampons + helmet when you need to bring that too).

If I´m camping and need to bring a tent and cooking gear + sleepingbag and sleeping pad I will use my Ariel 65L. I like how many different features it has on the outside. You can get a lot of things in the backpack but also on the backpack!

I also have a Aura 50 L for smaller expeditions (like when you don´t need to bring a tent but still your sleepingbag and sleeping pad) and a Xenith 88L (but don´t even know when to use that one yet, maybe if I need even more stuff with me in the future).


For hiking I´ve been using boots from Hanwag. I love the fit and that they are steady but still not too heavy. They also have great grip.

For lighter treks I´ve been using Salomon (the picture above). It doesn´t have the same ankle support but if I just go for a easy peak/hill or drive it´s nice to have them.

For mountaineering I´ve been using La Sportiva Karakorum or Spantik.


Depending on weather it´s a little bit different and I use layers to adjust the temperature. I like to rather be a little bit cold then too warm when I hike.

For pants I have these tights from Fjällräven that I really love! They are softshell and water resistant. And have reinforcement where you need it. They are the perfect fit and so comfortable and so far I have used them – and only them on every mountain. That´s how good they are! I also have the new Fjällräven eco-shell (like gore-tex but a new material) pants with zippers all the way on the sides if I need wind or heavy rain protection. But I only used them once and that was for the summit of Mont Blanc. But what I like is that I can just put them on over the tights if I need to. That zipper system is really great!

On my upper body I usually have a sweater and depending on how warm it is I choose one that is lighter or thicker. I use merino wool from Icebreaker or synthetic ones from Patagonia. I like the ones from Icebreaker with a zipper so I can adjust ventilation.

If it´s very warm I´ve been using a base layer t-shirt in merino wool from Icebreaker.

I have a thin down jacket that I use when it´s cold. Or just put on if I stop for a break. And then a few choices for jackets. One soft shell from Tierra. One gore-tex from Haglöfs and one gore-tex from Tierra. I´ve been using the gore-tex jackets the most to protect from wind and rain and it´s been working really good. Even if it´s been pouring sometimes I have not been wet.

For gloves I have a few different options. I always have a pair of dry liners in a pocket on my jacket. Those are the ones I use the most. Then I have mountaineering gloves that are water proof, thin but with good grip. I have a pair of thicker mountaineering gloves for when it´s colder and I have a pair of mittens for when it´s really cold (only used for the summit of Mont Blanc so far). All my gloves are from Hestra.

I use a thin hat when it´s not that cold or windy, from Houdini. And one medium thick for most of the time when it´s a little bit colder, from Patagonia. I like headbands too just to protect my ears from the wind. I have a problem with my ears hurting when it´s windy.

If I´ts cold I like to use a buff too. I don´t like breathing through it. I have a hard time to do that. But I guess there will come times when I just have to do it.

For when I travel or hang out in a mountain hut I like comfortable clothes and this soft sweater in merino wool from Marbäck Tricot is a favourite! I also have base layer from them that I love to just relax in.

When it comes to climbing gear I have a helmet from Petzl. Harness, crampons, walking poles and ice ax are from Black Diamond. Most of my other climbing gear like carabiners, quickdraws and belay device are also from Black Diamond.

My tent is Anjan 2 from Hilleberg. It´s too big for just me but perfect if you are two persons.

And cooking gear is from Primus.

If there is anything else you have questions about just ask!