Midžor | Serbia

I arrived to a closed hotel by lunchtime to climb Midzor. That´s where the trail start. I found a guy looking at the map and asked him if he also was going to the summit. When he told me he was I asked if he wanted some company. So we started walking together on a dirt road (we met a small car on that road later so if you were lazy I guess you could drive longer then what we did).

It was really bad weather. Rain and very windy. And fog everywhere. We were happy that the trail was so easy to follow because you could not se more then 15 meter in this weather. Pretty soon we were soaking wet and cold but what to do other then continue walking?

The guy was named Milos and he lived just outside Belgrad. He was there over the weekend and it was very nice to meet a local and learn more about Serbia.

This is Milos. I did not envy his choice of pants – cotton. They were so wet. But when we got up to the summit we were first not sure if it really was the summit or just a border stone (the border to Bulgaria is just next to it). So we spent 30-45 minutes walking around in the fog, rain and storm to see if we could find a higher hill or another landmark that would be the summit. But without being able to see it was really hard. In the end we googled the summit landmark to be sure and then we went back to where it was. And then it was pretty obvious. There were no higher hills then this one. And the border stones did all look the same and they did not look like this either. But sometimes you have to question things. Just to be sure. You don´t want to end up on the wrong hill, spot or something like that.

After taking some pictures in the rain we walked down again. It was not a very pleasant hike because of the weather. I wish I´ve could have seen more of what Serbias mountains looked like. The trail was very easy and I would say this is probably a nice sunday walk. But not more exciting then that.

Mountain no 14