Maglić | Bosnia and Herzegovina

So after doing the highest mountain in Croatia the day before next up was Bosnia! I had no idea what I was in for and no expectations at all and what can I say? Bosnia blew my mind!

Driving through small villages with houses full of bullet holes, monuments over battlefields and scull signs in the forest made you realise that not that long ago there was a war here. That made you really humble and even if that was something we read about in Sweden (I was around 12 years old then) you could not really understand it all. To see some of that history gave you some perspective.

After driving up a long bad gravel road for more then an hour we parked the car and I was off to climb Maglic. It was a beautiful day and I started around lunch (I know it´s too late but I always had to drive a few hours to get to the mountains in the morning).

The light was amazing!

It was perfect temperature. I had my hiking tights from Fjällräven (love them so much!), Sweater from Icebreaker and hat from Houdini. Boots from Hanwag and my 30L backpack from Osprey. Everything from Naturkompaniet.

The first part of the hike was through a beautiful forest.

When I started hiking I had a 50L backpack but my guide at Mont Blanc was like “this is too big you need to downsize” I didn´t even know how to do that. How would I fit everything? But you learn with experience what you need and use for just a day hike and I would even say that 30L is too much now. But it´s great if you stay 2-3 days in a mountain hut. Then it´s the perfect size. I can fit crampons, helmet, harness and everything. My guide Sandy also gave a good tip: If you go on a hike, write down what you actually used so you can take away things you don´t need for the next time.

Then the trail continued with the mountains right in front of you.

After some via ferrata you I could not help myself I just had to walk to the edge of the ridge to take a picture over this view.

The summit is up to the right but at this point I was speechless with the beauty up here.

The mountains were so cool!

Fantastic views in every direction.

I was all alone on the mountain this day and really enjoyed just taking it all in at the summit.

Selfie time! I mean if you don´t have anyone to take your picture as proof you were there you have to do it yourself.

I stayed for a little while longer. I wish I could have stayed until sunset but I had to get going to Serbia, the next mountain on the list.

And hiking down the sky became dark and the rain was pouring over mountains far away.

When I got back to the car it looked like this! And the car was parked with windows down and doors locked and my assistant was nowhere to be found. I looked for him, called for him, used the cars horn but I could not find him. Almost 45 minutes later he showed up. I was ready to start walking down to get some help because I didn´t know if anything had happened to him. But he was just so happy with the amazing conditions for photography so he was off taking some pictures. Can´t blame him, the light was fantastic this day!

It was just such a fantastic day. No problems, so beautiful and I would love to come back here again one day.

Mountain no 13

Photos by Jacob Thörnäs and me