Chemin des Révoires | Monaco

The highest point in Monaco is not really that high. About 161 m over sea level (there is higher mountains nearby but they are not in Monaco, they belong to France). So to make it official I walked from the bottom of the stairs all the way up to the highest point.

The hardest part of this high point was the driving over here. I was suppose to do Zugspitze in Germany but due to a storm that was impossible. And the weather for the next days in the Alps looked bad too with a lot of snow so I decided to go south instead where the weather would be better. So after a 8 h drive we got to Monaco. Only to get out of the car and walk up to the highest point and then drive to Barcelona. Another 6 h away where I took a flight back home to Stockholm the next morning to do a photoshoot. And then a flight back to Barcelona again the morning after that to continue to the highest mountain in Spain.

Mountain 8/49

Photos by Jacob Thörnäs / Studio Emma Svensson