Why am I doing this?

This might have started from me being restless after climbing Elbrus but it has grown to be something much more important just during the first weeks. When people ask me why I´m doing this I have told them it´s because I love to challenge myself, develop and that I love the beauty in the mountains. That I have time right now in my life to do something like this, break my regular pattern, put myself in a new situation. That it will be a experience I will grow from. Something to remember for the rest of my life. Because of the passion.

But what I didn´t knew when I got the idea was that I´m also doing this to change the image of the regular woman.

As a photographer I look at a lot of pictures and starting with mountaineering I soon discovered that most people that are into this are men. All the stories from the mountains are about men. Written by a man. All the heros are men. And that is also how it looks in the pictures. I don´t judge this. It is what it is. But I would like to contribute to changing it. To do what I can to create new stories.

Because if you are not a professional athlete, girls are mostly decor in a beautiful landscape. We sit in a boat in a glacier lake surrounded by mountains with our back against the camera and our hair blowing in the wind. We are just pretty. And I don´t want to be just pretty. I want to be capable. And badass. I want to be able to do all the things every other regular man can do. And I want to inspire others too. To be more then just the pretty girl.

When I climbed Elbrus I asked my guide Xenia “Do you think you can climb Everest?” and she said “Yes I do. Because other people have done it. And if they have done it so can I.”

This project is done by a regular woman. Not an professional. And if I can do it so can you.

That´s why I´m doing this.