Gaiziņkalns | Latvia

Gaiziņkalns is a small hill in Latvia. it takes about 5 minutes from the parking up to the top. I would have to say it´s the easiest “mountain” so far in this project.

The road there reminds me of Sweden.

But then there is a totally different architecture. Like this old gas station.

Actually we almost ran out of gas on the way over. That was probably the most exciting thing that happened “climbing” this “mountain”.

Love that ladys style. Amazing!

The parking. From here it´s about 61 altitude meter to walk to the top.

You pass a beautiful forest.

Then five minutes later you are on the top!

The second most exciting thing about this place: The tourist bus with people. They actually have a tourist bus coming here…

Mountain 3/49

Pictures by me and Olof Grind