Kebnekaise | Sweden

I got home from Russia and after just a few hours I was bored and restless so I asked my friend (and former employee) Adrian if he wanted to join me on a spontaneous adventure the next day! Love it when friends just say yes.

We flew to Luleå where we rented a car (it was the only place in northen sweden that had avalible cars). Roadtrip!

We drove through northen Sweden, listned to music, photographing and talking about life. I just love roadtrips.

When we got to Nikkaluokta we had to park the car.

And we had two choices: We could walk 20 km for 5-6 hours or…

Take a helicopter! We took the helicopter cause we had so little time.

So beautiful, the flight to Kebnekaise Fjällstation.

Where we put up our tent. It was tricky to find a good spot. Pretty steep everywhere.

It was not this steep…

We cooked dinner.

And it started to rain so we had our dinner in the tent.

Then we went to bed. It was around 8 pm. We put the alarm for 2 am so be able to make it to the top and back again before 5 pm when the helicopter would fly back.

When we woke up we made another meal before leaving. It was bright outside even if it was in the middle of the night. We were all alone on the trail. It was amazing but I woke up with a pretty bad fever. I thought I would give it a try anyway and walk really slow.

We met a raindear.

And the path was over rocks and small rivers.

After hiking for two hours I turned around. I didn´t feel good at all and it was not worth it.

Adrian continued to the top and got back to the tent around lunch.

It was sad that I couldn´t make it but the mountain is still there. I have to go back another time. It´s no fun if you are ill. And I have shoots, a festival and another adventure to attend to this week so I really didn´t want to make it worse.

So we went back to Luleå and spent a night at the city hotel before going back to Stockholm again. A pretty good weekend after all.

All pictures by me and Adrian Pehrson.